Arrow September 2022

ARROW In September Will Be Violent And Japanese


September is nearly here and those hard working busy folks at ARROW, to make sure you are looked after. As ever they always do and next month will be a month that will be Japanese and Violent. Kurosawa, Kitano, mutant movies, Full Moon freak-outs, and much more…

In September there’s a collection of films from the titan of Japanese cinema. Akira Kurosawa including the influential and unique whodunnit Rashomon, the oft-imitated epic Seven Samurai (remade in Hollywood as The Magnificent Seven), and his brilliantly intense take on Macbeth, Throne of Blood. The films of the Oscar and BAFTA-winning director, who is considered by many to be one of the greatest of all time, are evocative, gripping, often breathtaking, and essential for anyone with a serious interest in cinema.

Next month also sees a trio of films from comedian-turned-tough guy auteur, Takeshi Kitano: Violent Cop, Boiling Point and Sonatine, in which the master of Yakuza mayhem can be relied upon to deliver visceral thrills, brutal violence, relentless gunplay and torn loyalties leading to bloody revenge. Be warned – Kitano’s oeuvre is not for the faint of heart!

ARROW are delighted to present the atmospheric masked maniac chiller Tourist Trap, starring Chuck Connors (Soylent Green) and Tanya Roberts (Sheena), a horror film favourite of no lesser an authority than writer Stephen King. It’s a ghoulishly good time set in a deserted wax museum, where young travellers are lured to their doom!

Seasons in August include Mutants!, a curated collection of films featuring the abnormal and deformed with titles including Head of the Family, Hideous, Mutant War and Trapped Alive; Deutsche Horrorfilme, a selection of Teutonic cult classics to help you celebrate Oktoberfest this September, including Sleep, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, and The Golem; and Judgement Day, a catalogue of thrills and horrors with a religious bent that will have you praising all the crazy cult filmmakers who have blessed us with a bounty of bizarre and brilliant takes on faith on film, including The Righteous, Children of the Corn, The Day of the Beast, and the fascinating Hell On Earth: The Desecration and Resurrection of Ken Russell’s The Devils.

ALSO SHOWING: Epic Japanese crime drama A Fugitive From The Past; a definitive documentary on Toshiro Mifune; gothic chills in The Pit And The Pendulum with genre superstar Lance Henriken; sci-fi thrills in B-movie stand-outs Creepzoids and Laserblast, and much more…

New Titles – From 2nd September
Seven Samurai
The Hidden Fortress
Throne of Blood
Mifune: The Last Samurai
Head of the Family

New Titles – From 9th September
Violent Cop
Boiling Point

New Titles – From 16th September
Tourist Trap
The Pit and the Pendulum

New Titles – From 26th September
A Fugitive From the Past

New Titles – From 30th September

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