20 April 2024
Only Murders In The Building Season 2

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5 Standout outfits worn by Mabel in season 2 of ‘Only Murders In The Building

Quadruple threat (singer, actress, producer, and Rare Beauty owner) Selena Gomez stars in Only Murders in the Building as Mabel, a young woman with a troubled past. The series follows Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin), down-on-his-luck Broadway producer Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) and reticent artist Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) after a resident is found dead in their Upper West Side apartment building. Despite Selena’s character, Mabel, being aloof, dry and unapproachable (at first glance), her wardrobe caused quite a stir! As always in a good murder mystery, every small detail matters (right down to the black, pointed, leather high-heeled boot!) These tiny details are all thanks to Dana Covarrubias, the shows head costume designer. In Season 2, Covarrubias, whilst continuing her legacy from Season 1 marries the perfect balance of far-out fashion with the potent plotlines in order to exhibit more profound, obscure attributes of each character.

Covarrubias’s inspiration for Mabel’s fashion stems from her time living in New York, noting that Mabel is ‘a certified cool girl’; with a perfect balance of style, comfort and ‘badass punk rockness’. Over the years, we have seen Selena’s career grow from strength to strength from Disney darling, to international pop sensation, to cooking show host to owning the award-winning Rare Beauty makeup line; what can’t she do? To celebrate Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building’s XXXX episode release, we are taking a look at Mabel’s most standout and iconic outfits in Season 2. Safe to say Mabel is a fan of yellow!

Outfit 1

From Season 2 Only Murders In The Building
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To kick off our list, we see Selena dress as an autumn delight in a toasted, mustard oversized coat draped over a black and white outfit. Costume Designer, Covarrubias chose the symbolic yellow colours as a nod to the Mexican heritage she shares with Gomez highlighting that “Marigolds are very important in Mexican iconography and culture.” Covarrubias also highlighted the parallels that are represented through this colour and marigolds, as they are a representation of ‘grief’ and ‘resurrection, passion and creativity’ and so, fits hand in hand with Mabel’s character due to her troubled past. Due to this, coupled with the fact Mabel is also an artist, Covarrubias decided to use these strong gold, yellow and red tones frequently throughout Mabel’s wardrobe. This iconic coat is from Michael Kors and the boots are from Kurt Geiger; and better yet – they were both thrifted!

Despite the heeled boots being an obscure choice for city girl Mabel, these black mid-calf crocodile boots tie the entire outfit together! Covarrubias, in an interview with InStyle, highlighted that they focused on ‘crazy bright, really fun coats’ in order to encapsulate Mabel’s personality and story. As the plot progressed, the more traditional, classic and detective-like the trench silhouettes became.

Outfit 2
Only Murders In The Building
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A burnt orange vision, Selena dons a sheer trench coat, orange shirt dress and pointed calf-high boots in her outfit at Alice’s (Cara Delevingne) art gallery. With Mabel’s fashion focus on chic, colourful and comfy, this outfit certainly encapsulates all that! Many viewers have commented that the vibrant colours in Mabel’ attire could denote she that she uses clothing as an armour or façade to protect herself against others. When discussing the show, Covarrubias joked that “We have a joke in the costume department that this show is no longer about murder mysteries, this is a show about coats.”

Outfit 3
Only Murders In The Building S2
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As an ode to the true detective-esque style, Selena dons a stunning green plaid Maje blazer, paired with a silky satin shirt. As two partners-in-plaid, Selena holds her own next to Charles. Covarrubias, when discussing the progression into Season 2’s fashion, notes that they are in a transitional phase of their lives; moving into a new phase as a trio. In Season 2 (episode 2), it is evident that the group’s fashion is evolving as they begin to mirror one another; with Charles and Mabel matching and Oliver channelling classic Mabel vibes.

Outfit 4
From Only Murders In The Murders
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Next up we have the iconic crimson hoodie. Mabel changes out of her white tight-fit turtleneck (that was doused in Bunny’s blood) into an oversized old red hoodie. Covarrubias highlights that this choice – to put the female lead of a murder mystery show in a red outfit – was fascinating to her. The sweatshirt (from Hanes Comfort Wash) was hand-dyed to extenuate the red saturation even further. Covarrubias stated ‘”I just thought that was so fascinating: In a murder mystery, why would you have the female leads start out in a blood-red costume?,” and “It’s on the nose and strange, but I also love it.”

Outfit 5
Season 2 from Only Murders In The Building
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A standout in the series is Mabel’s unusual toe-dip into Gen Z fashion; steering away from her old-world, New York timelessness. This chartreuse, black and white checkered cardigan is from Lisa Says Gah is clearly the staple in this outfit. It has been paired with Mabel’s usual simple, oversized jewellery and demure black trousers.


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