Watch The Unsettling Gothic Horror Trailer For What Josiah Saw

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Family reunites, so does the secrets and sins of their past in What Josiah Saw. Genre streaming service Shudder will be releasing the film next month. Tonight we get a look at the indie Horror’s unsettling Trailer starring Robert Patrick.

There’s just something about films when you add ‘Southern Gothic’ to description, just send dread throughout you. Vincent Grashaw’s (Coldwater, And Then I Go) film is one of those. It premiered last year at Fantasia Fest and garnered praise as it toured the Horror film festival circuit. Some of those festivals include Fantastic Fest, Screamfest  to name a few.

This Shudder Original, Patrick is our titular character Josiah. The father of the estranged family living with his son Scott in the farmhouse which many believe is haunted. Josiah suffers from haunting visions and attempts to put rights to wrongs. His eldest two children also return in hope to end this nightmarish chapter of their lives for good.

This trailer is very atmospheric, chilling and unsettling. It’s a bit of a strange beast, then again that’s Southern Gothic for you. The reviews What Josiah Saw have been strong,  and a year on they are still positive.  We also dig the creepy score, which as we’ve said before another pivotal part of filmmaking.

In What Josiah Saw, after two decades, a damaged family reunites at their remote farmhouse, where they confront long-buried secrets and sins of the past.

The film, which is written by Robert Alan Dilts. Along side Robert Patrick, the film also stars Nick Stahl (Sin City), Scott Haze (Child of God) and Kelli Garner (Lars And The Real Girl). Along with Tony Hale (Veep) and Jake Weber (Dawn Of The Dead remake).

What Josiah Saw will premiere on Shudder from 4th August in UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

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