From Catisfaction short film

Sunday Short Theatre: Catisfaction (2022)


First of all, apologies for no Sunday Short Theatre for the past few weeks. We couldn’t post for reasons beyond our control, today we have a choice, Catisfaction.

A strange animated short film about cats from Portuguese filmmaker André Almeida. The internet love cats as much as their owners and every corner of the world wide web there is some cute image or video.  Almeida’s  seven minute film is the latest dedicated to our furry friends.

His idea came from a real life experience. That experience comes when he nearly ran over a cat that ran in front of his Vespa bike. Catisfaction follows a tired pet owner as he slumps into his favourite chair and drifts off to a world of giant felines and flying scooters.

You could say this short film is improvised as there is no script. Some may not like this idea, the conclusion will surprise whilst playing on it’s bizarreness. No script gives Almeida a free pass to take his film in any direction. It’s a great test of your imagination on the story and the design of the characters.

This is a story about relationships and how they can shape our life forever.

It’s also about a weird character and his cat who claims his way to the eternity. Maybe it’s just a story about a man and a cat. But a good one.

Source: Firstshowing