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Sallie Harmsen as Betriek - Moloch - Photo Credit: Shudder

Shudder Film Review- Moloch (2022)


Creepy, unusually captivating, not going where I thought it was heading.

A Netherlands heartstopper, with terrifying performances all round helping Moloch build to an excruciatingly shocking, baroque finale. Another winning Shudder original.

Single mum, unassuming Betriek (Sallie Harmsen) is bewildered when a random stranger threatens her family in the middle of the night at the isolated homestead she shares with her parents.

The rural house situated around a forest bog and historical excavation site is starting to make sounds, inside and out. Betriek is also having nightmares, all too real dreams. Whilst investigating the reason her family was attacked, further confrontation looms alongside a legendary tale of sacrifices seemingly unveiled.

Betriek finds solace with her friend Jonas (Alexandre Willaume) helping her figure out what the weird occurrences whilst overseeing the digging site nearby.

A sizzling score by composer Ella van der Woude wilfully rises the tension.

Harmsen was dynamic during a small role in Blade Runner 2049, now here proving immediately she is intricate enough to be a strong lead.

Anneke Blok as the mum has layers, keep an eye on her mood swings for plot clues.

More of a thriller mystery than direct horror, visions in the woods never gets old.


Horror | Netherlands, 2022 | 18 | 21st July 2022 | Shudder | Dir.Nico van den Brink | Sallie Harmsen, Anneke Blok, Markoesa Hamer, Alexandre Willaume, Willemijn Kressenhof

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