16 April 2024
A Scene from Orphan: First Kill


Esther Is Back! Watch First Trailer For Orphan: First Kill

Everyone has to start somewhere, even iconic killers. Next month Esther will be back in Orphan: First Kill, Signature Entertainment release first UK Trailer. She will kill to be part of a family!

We’ve been waiting a long long time for this which is NOT a sequel but a prequel. Orphan was released back in 2009 and is now considered a ‘cult-hit’ by genre fans. 13 years later can Isabelle Fuhrman pull playing the psychotic killer once again? You’ll just have to watch the trailer and judge yourselves!

The name of the film ‘First Kill‘ sets everything up. See how she masterfully escaped the Estonian psychiatric facility she was in. Off course the family who would become her first ‘victims’, this time the missing daughter of a wealthy American family. Will Esther destroy them or will the mother cross the line to protect her family?

Isabelle Fuhrman once again looks like she’ll shine in her iconic role. A 30 plus woman with an hormonal disorder that makes her look like a child. The actress herself is 25, there seems to be some de-aging involved and a body double. Loving the whole look, plenty of mystery, uncomfortable uneasiness!

One of cinema’s most recognisable villains returns to the big screen in Orphan: First Kill. Esther’s (Isabelle Fuhrman, Orphan) secret may be out but this time around there’s more to this psychotic young girl than meets the eye. Escaping from the psychiatric facility that housed her, Esther hides in plain sight by assuming the identity of a missing American child whose mother (Julia Stiles, Dexter) is matriarch to one of the wealthiest families in the United States.

Will Esther’s thirst for blood destroy the strong family ties or will she discover that even a mother will cross the line to protect her family?

The prequel also stars Julia Stiles, Rossif Sutherland, Hiro Kanagawa, and  Matthew Finlan. Signature Entertainment will be releasing Orphan: First Kill exclusively in UK and Irish cinemas on 19th August (Paramount+ same day in USA).


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