13 April 2024
A scene from 2021 horror Following

British Indie Horror Followers Coming To Blu-ray In July

Blu-ray Packshot For FollowersSocial media is a dog eat dog world. Getting those followers is no easy task, in UK indie horror Followers would you do anything at any cost?

Earlier this year, Screenbound Pictures gave this film a theatrical release. Now later this month it’s set for it’s home entertainment release.

Followers puts a fresh new spin on found-footage movies. As what starts as an hilariously bad YouTube video series develops into a warning to the world. About a shocking new strain of supernatural serial killer.

The film stars Harry Jarvis, Loreece Harrison, Daniel Cahill and Erin Austen. Alongside Nina Wadia and real-life social media influencer Tanya Burr.

Jonty, a failing influencer with an ambition to reach over a million followers, will stop at nothing to become famous. A new start at University brings with it hopes of a resurgence in his popularity when a demonic presence appears in his student house. Jonty decides to stream his and his housemates experiences with this supernatural entity to gain the fame and fortune he’s most been craving. But at what cost?


  • Behind the scenes with the director – Go behind the camera with director Marcus Harben as he discusses the day’s shoots, in the moment directing with cast and crew and some funny outtakes.
  • Interview with Cast members (Starburst Magazine) – Castmates Harry, Loreece, Dan and Erin Zoomed in with Martin Unsworth, associate editor of Starburst magazine to talk about their experiences filming, what drew them to the project, sleeping on set, the impacts of influencer culture and pay moving tributes to their fun and fearless director.
  • Producers Podcast with Behind The Scenes Gallery – Giles Alderson welcomed producers Tracy Jarvis & Steve Jarvis to the podcast this week. They chatted about leaving their jobs to pursue a career in film, how they’ve made their films, and found the money to do it, and much more.
  • Harry’s House – Throw four young people in a house for two weeks and let chaos ensue. This informal on set Q&A session with Harry Jarvis lays all the pranks and stories bare. Get under the skin and learn more about the complex character that is Jonty.
  • Messing Around the House – Lets scare Harry! See how the cast and crew try to play a prank on Harry Jarvis, but who’s pranking who?

Followers will be available on Blu-ray and to rent and buy on digital platforms from 18th July.

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