March 23, 2023
ARROW August Art

ARROW In August Will Get ‘Blissed Out’


August is just less than a week away and ARROW will have you ‘Blissed Out‘. A month that will have award-winning pulpy Indonesian actioner, cult shocker about a hard-partying, blood-craving L.A. artist, season of B-movie mayhem, crazed animals, giallo classics, French cult horror.

The month starts with a blast of Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash.  From acclaimed Indonesian director Edwin (Postcards from the Zoo) and based on the novel by Eka Kurniawan. This is a pulpy, energetic throwback to 80s South East Asian action and coming-of-age cinema about a young man who can’t get it up. With echoes of early Takashi Miike,  a wild and unexpectedly poignant meditation on toxic masculinity and a culture steeped in violence.

 Joe Begos’ (The Mind’s Eye)  brilliant third feature, Bliss. A blood-drenched experience that has drawn comparisons to the films of Gaspar Noé and Abel Ferrara. Struggling through a seemingly endless creative rut, hard-partying and Los-Angeles-based artist Dezzy Donahue (Dora Madison, Friday Night Lights) can’t stop the resulting bad streak of problems, including unpaid rent and professional stagnation. In an effort to combat her tough luck, Dezzy throws caution to the wind, indulges in heavy drugs and rages her nights away. Gradually, though, the party starts to end, and in its place, Dezzy finds herself thirsting for blood and suffering from terrifying visions.

Seasons in August include The Subspecies Collection, ARROW’s latest film series from Charles Band and Full Moon Studios. This epic vampiric five-film collection is soaked in blood, packed full of practical effects and features the four-film Subspecies series, as well as the spin-off, Vampire Journals; Tooth and Claw, where you’ll meet the animals of the ARROW menagerie, in a curated season full of all of the critters that you’d least like to meet vying for your attention and probably the meat off of your bones too, including rampant apes, gnawing rats, flapping blood-sucking bats, slithering constricting snakes, brutal bears, hungry sharks, caustic jellyfish, and killer crocs; and FIIIGHT!, featuring action-packed films showcasing the best scraps on ARROW, inspired by the brilliant and bruising beatdowns in Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash, with titles including Versus, The Sword and the Claw, and Sister Street Fighter.

ALSO SHOWING: Powerful French classics Eyes Without A Face and La Haine, Sherilyn Fenn in the sultry horror fantasy Meridian , disturbing Australian serial killer thriller Hounds Of Love, Vinegar Syndrome Selects, and much more…

New Titles – From 5th August
La Haine
The Weapon, the Hour, the Motive
The Killer Reserved Nine Seats
Smile Before Death
Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash

New Titles – From 12th August
Bloodstone: Subspecies II
Bloodlust: Subspecies III
Subspecies IV: Bloostorm
Vampire Journals
Hounds Of Love

New Titles – From 19th August

New Titles – From 26th August
Eyes Without a Face

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