Teenager On A Mission In UK Trailer For A Chiara

MUBI have unveiled the UK Trailer for Jonas Carpignano’s neo-realist A Chiara which is heading to cinemas next month.

The film completes the filmmaker’s Calabria trilogy (Mediterranea (2015) and A Ciambra (2017) the other two). A story of a teenage girl comes to terms with the harsh reality of her family’s ties to the mafia underworld. A teen on a mission set in the Southern Italian region of Calabria. An coming of age story of a young girl, who investigates the disappearance of her own father, after a family celebration. As she further investigates she unearths the truth about who her father is.

The film has picked up accolades left, right and centre during it’s festival run. It has interconnected characters, storyline throughout the trilogy, however this one can be watched as a singular film. This looks a powerfully engaging drama…

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The Guerrasio family and friends gather to celebrate Claudio and Carmela’s oldest daughter’s 18th birthday. There is a healthy rivalry between the birthday girl and her 15-year-old sister Chiara as they compete on the dance floor. It is a happy occasion, and the close-knit family are on top form. However, everything changes the next day when the father disappears. Chiara starts to investigate. As she gets closer to the truth, she is forced to decide what kind of future she wants for herself.

The film stars Swamy Rotolo, Claudio Rotolo, Grecia Rotolo, Carmela Fumo, Giorgia Rotolo, Antonio Rotolo, Vincenzo Rotolo, Antonina Fumo, Giusi D’Uscio, Patrizia Amato and Concetta Grillo.

A Chiara will be released in the UK and Irish cinemas from 15th July, then exclusively on MUBI from 26th August.