16 April 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – Grump In The Night (2022)

I have to admit the last few months my love for the paranormal has increased. Bing watching Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures, yes call me sad admit we all watch something others will cringe at. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre what if the ghosts loved Television? Things go bump in the night or should I say ‘Grump In The Night‘?!

This 5 and half minute animated short comes from Kris Theorin and a story based on his brother came up with in 2017. An idea was to create a 2D animated film however by the time the pair got to 2021 they were able to make it 3D instead. They kept the budget to a bare minimum all thanks to one artist, limited locations as well as cast with animation created as motion capture. The end result after Kris tackling first time challenges such as script writing result in a short that has a lot of heart.

So what’s this one all about? It’s a stormy night, a family is now in bed only to be awaken by unusual noises coming from downstairs. He decides to investigate only find a poltergeist watching television!

One stormy night, a man is awoken by strange noises downstairs and soon finds himself facing off with a TV-loving poltergeist.

Source: Film Shortage

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