16 April 2024
Rubikon scene

RUBIKON ist eine Produktion von Samsara Filmproduktion und Graf Filmproduktion, hergestellt mit Unterstützung des Österreichischen Filminstituts (ÖFI), des Filmfonds Wien (FFW), des ORF Film/Fernsehabkommens, der FISA (Filmstandort Austria) sowie von der CFC/Land Kärnten.

In Rubikon UK Trailer ‘Is Humanity Worth Saving’?

When you look back at our achievements, sometimes the negative outnumber the positives. That ethical question comes into question in Austrian sci-fi Rubikon UK Trailer…’Is humanity worth saving‘?

Signature Entertainment reveal the trailer for their upcoming sci-fi as Earth burns, should humanity be looking for another habitable planet which could we could also destroy?

Directed by Magdalena Lauritsch, the film is set in 2056 and a toxic cloud suffocates Earth. Many killed, nations destroyed with power given to Big corporations (sounds familiar?). The wealthy live in comfort the rest of the survivors suffer, should the crew of a space station risk their lives for survivors?

This is like one of those scenarios sometimes we get asked say in jobs or in life. If you were in a situation you had to sacrifice someone who would it be? Everyone has a set of particular set of skills?

All they can do is watch as the world burns. The emergence of an extinction event on Earth leaves the inhabitants of a space station in horror, as they witness the end of humanity unfold before their very eyes. Does the crew risk their lives to get back home during the global catastrophe and search for survivors or remain safe and watch as life as they know it comes to an end? Rubikon stars George Blagden (Les Misérables), Mark Ivanir (The Good Shepherd), Julia Franz Richter and is directed by Magdalena Lauritsch.

The film stars Juila Franz Richter (Murder by the Lake), George Blagden (Vikings), and Mark Ivanir (The Terminal). They are joined by Nicholas Monu, Daniela Kong, Konstantin Frolov, Hannah Rang, Ljubisa Gruicic, Jonas Gerzabek, and Stephanie Cannon.

Rubikon will be released in the UK and Ireland on DVD as well as all Digital Platforms from 11th July.

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