108 Media To ‘Package’ Alex Proyas’ Sister Darkness Horror

Alex Proyas’s latest  film project Sister Darkness will see the filmmaker head back to the horror genre. It’s a genre the filmmaker has had better success with compared to other genres, The Crow even the underrated Dark City perfect examples.  Today that film alongside Proyas’ Heretic Foundation production company will be set to co-production/ financing partnership with UK-based 108 Media leading the charge to launch worldwide sales and packaging on the film.

After several hit an (mostly) miss films in mainstream cinema ( I, Robot / Knowing / Gods of Egypt), it seems  the new project set to be a commercially driven horror-thriller heading back to his independent roots, outside of the Hollywood studio system that has marked his recent big-budget feature forays which have totalled USD 1.3 billion (adjusted for inflation) at the global box office since 1994.

Described as a macabre female-driven fever dream of revenge and gothic terror with deep franchise potential, along the same vein as Proyas’ cult hit The Crow, the whip-smart and stylish Sister Darkness is set in 1930s UK at a time when women were marginalised and exploited. It follows the newly wed but unhappy Alice who stumbles across her doppelganger Isla, whose existence is a mystery seeped in a tale of bloody retribution against her oppressors, the hellish supernatural nightscape, and a dread uprising against the deceitful aristocracy. Proyas’ primary vision is inspired by UK horror movies of the 60s and 70s with deep reverence to legendary films such as The Innocents and The Legend of Hell House.

We are excited to be embarking with 108 Media on what we genuinely believe will be the first step of a long and fruitful journey together. Sister Darkness will be a milestone in the use of virtual production at this scale and Heretic’s talented team will allow us to establish production values at much higher levels in this budget range than ever before thought achievable. This is the future of filmmaking.” said Proyas

The multi-faceted deal was struck and negotiated by 108 Media’s CEO Abhi Rastogi and President (Production) Justin Deimen. Rastogi sees this creator-producer partnership as a new step in the company’s ambitions to support creative filmmaking on deeper levels – “Working with Alex and what he has built with Heretic aligns with 108’s goal to be able to service bold creative vision from concept to final mile distribution as our content financing divisions has scaled up tremendously this year with new partners and continuing strategic expansions.”

There is no word on exactly when Sister Darkness will be released.