16 April 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – Medallion (2021)

Everyone has demons, some of us working on them now or from our past. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre choice Medallion (2021) those demons are from the high school days. A tension is high in a school reunion in a story of an unexpected development.

This week’s film comes from filmmaker Ryan Noufer, which spotlights the experience kids and teens can have on everyone’s lives. We meet Ava Trent who wants to make a film for her and decides to hunt down a former classmate to do the job. With hope that film will grab the attention of her home town and the demons that have troubled her since her school days.

The film runs at 21 minutes long with Ava and her Alex the former school mate she tracks down. The director himself also states it’s highlighting society’s tendency of male priorities rather than the well being of females. That boys will boys aggression which sees many go for industries many believe that those traits whilst younger thinking they can get away with as adults. Like violence, macho attitudes and thinking women are ‘trophies’ or items you think you own. It’s time to change and respect everyone make and female.

Ava Trent hunts down a former classmate of hers, Alex Corman, and hires him to make a film for her. She hopes that it will bring the attention of her small home town to the demons she has faced since a troubling high school experience.

The film stars  Lindsey Dresbach and Tyler Gentile.

Source: Film Shortage

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