Kristen Stewart Onboard For Ross Glass Love Lies Bleeding

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It’s been a few years since Rose Glass brooding Saint Maud was released. We’re curious to see what she’ll be doing next, that will be Love Lies Bleeding. It seems that film has announced it’s first cast member, none other than Kristen Stewart.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news during the wee small hours about Stewart‘s involvement. You will be glad to know it won’t be a psychological horror, but a romantic thriller.  It doesn’t mean the story itself won’t be sad neither.

The story will take us into the world of bodybuilding. Stewart is set to play  a co-lead and a protective lover of one of the female bodybuilders. It’s also being described as ‘a romance fuelled by ego, desire, and the American dream‘.

There is very little info on the film and exactly the direction the film may head. The search for who will be her bodybuilder lover is on. No names have been mentioned yet to play that role, could that role go to a newcomer?

If you are wondering if Stewart will have to get a bodybuilding tone for the film the report does say she won’t.  Since her Twilight Saga days Stewart has been doing her best to eradicate those memories. She has picked up some interesting roles many  could be considered ‘arthouse’. Her last role as Princess Diana in Pablo Larrain‘s Spencer, a role that earned her many award nominations including the BAFTA’s and Oscars.

Film4 have  developed the project  and co-financed the film with A24. Glass will also co-write the script with Weronika Tofilska (The Irregulars, Hanna series). Love Lies Bleeding doesn’t have a release date just yet, expect it late 2022 or sometime in 2023.