Film Review – Rabbit Academy (2022)

This year we see a new Easter-themed film hit the cinema, Rabbit Academy. While billed as a family film, I feel this is a bit of a stretch and is more of a child’s film rather than family-based.

I am sure young children will enjoy watching the rabbits getting ready for Easter, giving away the secrets of how a mother hen collects the eggs and, with a spectacular contraction made by the rabbits, these eggs are then sent down a tube run ready for painting.

This process is key to the film, as “naughty” forces are at work to destroy the eggs, and the foxes are trying to steal the eggs to give out themselves as Easter Foxes and eat the rabbits as a bonus!

A lot of plots are happening at any one time, with the result of foxes and rabbits almost destroying Easter!

This disaster starts with a city rabbit called back home to become one of three Rabbit Masters, but before he comes home, he ridicules another city rabbit while live streaming! This rabbit vows to get revenge and teams up with a family of foxes to plot against the Rabbit Village.

There is a song near the beginning of the film but the film is not a musical, so the rabbits and foxes don’t break out into song every 15 minutes.

It is easy to watch and touches on how just because someone is different, it does not necessarily mean they are going to be bad, the rabbits do befriend a fox who does not fit in with his own family.

With all the animals working together, they manage to keep the foxes at bay, the rebellious city rabbit is embarrassed again and the eggs are saved in time for Easter.

A pleasant film to watch over the Easter holidays. Pre-school and primary school children mainly, but for a family film, there will need to be young so you can enjoy watching them capture the magic.


Animation, Adventure | Germany, 2022 | U | Cinema | 1st April 2022 (UK) | Signature Entertainment | Dir.Ute von Münchow-Pohl | Noah Levi, Friedrich von Thun, Senta Berger, Sebastian Fitzner,