Malin Akerman Runs From Cult In The Aviary Trailer

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Believing is deceiving as Saban Films release the Official (U.S) Trailer for upcoming indie psychological thriller The Aviary. The film is the directorial debut of filmmakers Chris Cullari and  Jennifer Raite as two women attempt to escape a cult.

The film stars Malin Akerman (The Final Girls), Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno) as the two women who flee into the New Mexican desert. Desperately escaping the clutches of an insidious cult named ‘Skylight’ and even the further they get, they still feel under the control of the leader.

We do like those survival thrillers and this one does have a controlling feel to it all thanks to substance twist. We are teased this in the opening scene as one of the woman seem to be in a trance like state. There’s denial and the so called safehaven town they are heading to, is t really ‘safe’?

Malin Akerman and Chris Messina star in the twisted journey of two women’s desperate flee to escape the clutches of Skylight, an insidious cult. Lured in by the promise of “freedom” in the isolated desert campus in New Mexico known as The Aviary, Jillian (Akerman) and Blair (Lorenzo Izzo) join forces to escape in hopes of real freedom. Consumed by fear and paranoia, they can’t shake the feeling that they are being followed by the cult’s leader, Seth (Messina), a man as seductive as he is controlling. The more distance the pair gains from the cult, the more Seth holds control of their minds. With supplies dwindling and their senses failing, Jillian and Blair are faced with a horrifying question: how do you run from an enemy who lives inside your head?

The film also stars Chris Messina and Sandrine Holt.

The Aviary doesn’t have a UK or Irish release date yet. We believe Saban Films have done a deal that Altitude Films to release their films in the UK (not confirmed yet). If you live in the U.S the film will be released in select cinemas and VOD from 29th April.