Hell Begins In Shudder’s Night’s End Trailer

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Anyone who has mental health issue as debilitating as Anxiety, it’s like an endless nightmare. I suffer from it which seems to rear it’s ugly head mostly at night. In Jennifer Reeder‘s Night’s End at the end of night, hell begins!

At the end of the month Shudder will release their final ‘Shudder Original‘ film for March, today we get a look at the films official Trailer. Reeder is known for such genre films Signature Move, Knives And Skin, and more recently V/H/S/94. This one stars Geno Walker as a agoraphobic man who moves into a new flat that happens be haunted.  He hires a mysterious man to perform an exorcism on his home, but things take a drastic, horrific turn.

This is certainly inspired by the pandemic. Using the likes of zoom, playing on the claustrophobia, tensions and already having that anxiety the stakes are astronomical. Genuinely looks unsettling and very creepy…

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An anxious shut-in moves into a haunted apartment, hiring a stranger to perform an exorcism which quickly takes a horrific turn.

The rest of the cast also includes Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington, Daniel Kyri, Theo Germaine, Lawrence Grimm, Morgan S. Reesh, and also Felonious Munk.

Night’s End will premiere exclusively on Shudder from 31st March.

4th March 2022 UPDATENight’s End will now make it’s World Premiere at Glasgow Film Festival on the 10th March as part of FrightFest Glasgow.