18 April 2024

Film Review – The Seed (2021)

Once in a lifetime meteor shower causes all matter of chaos and eventual cataclysm for a girls weekend away at a beautiful isolated house in the Mojave Desert.

Outstanding and lavish trio. Deidre (Lucy Martin), Charlotte (Chelsea Edge) and Heather (Sophie Vavasseur) are set for a fun few days around the chilling by day, stargazing by night ready for the upcoming light show in the sky.

Wearing dazzling outfits all set for the night of the comet, the girls are inconvenienced with lack of phone signal, then a small meteorite lands in their swimming pool which on closer inspection seems like a translucent egg as it has a face.

Be prepared to wince.

An E.T creature feature takes an almost inexplicable turn with foreboding events including mind control and quite a lot of excrement, grotesque alien love making alongside the odd mercy killing.

Classic video nasty, Xtro (1982) came to mind as did David Lynch oddity, Eraserhead (1977).

All three of the leads are a dream match up prosperous talent, volatile as they may be amongst the hysteria.

personality is still a major factor in caring what they go through thanks to solid acting.

My only down fall was an atrocious bombastic poorly constructed music score, largely ineffective in heightening suspense. More trombones required, however, Shudder have done it again, a fleeting horror indie.

★★ 1/2

Comedy, Horror | USA, 2021 | 10th March 2022 | Shudder Original | Dir.Sam Walker | Chelsea Edge, Sophie Vavasseur, Lucy Martin

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