Apple Renew Acapulco For A Second Season

Everyone loves a holiday and The Las Colinas seems to be a popular resort. Today Apple TV+ obliged by extending their stay  at the resort with the news of season two renewal of their global hit comedy series, Acapulco.

The Spanish and English-language series, stars and executive produced by Eugenio Derbez (CODA). The series picked rave reviews globally as well as a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The series tells the story of twenty-something Máximo Gallardo (Enrique Arrizon), whose dream comes true when he gets the job of a lifetime as a cabana boy at the hottest resort in Acapulco.

Season two picks up right on the heels of season one. In 1985, Máximo must contend with upheaval at the resort, unexpected problems at home, and a new love interest who just might rival the girl of his dreams. In the present day, Older Máximo (Eugenio Derbez, who also narrates the series) arrives in Acapulco, where he encounters various people from his past — for better and worse.

The rest of the cast starring alongside Derbez includes Enrique Arrizon, Fernando Carsa, Damián Alcázar, Camila Perez, Chord Overstreet, Vanessa Bauche, Regina Reynoso, Raphael Alejandro, Jessica Collins, Rafael Cebrián, Regina Orozco, and Carlos Corona.

Apple haven’t yet announced when they hope Acapulco Season two will be launched. They expect filming to start in Spring around various locations in Mexico.