18 April 2024

While out for a run, miles from home, a mother's world comes crashing down when she learns her child's school is on lockdown.

Naomi Watts Races Against Time In The Desperate Hour UK Trailer

If you enjoy 24, Naomi Watts upcoming thriller The Desperate Hour might be right up your street. The film is due to be released later this month and today Sky Cinema unveil a tense UK Trailer.

Like many of the films just released or soon to be made it’s world premiere at Toronto Film Festival (released originally as Lakewood). Directed by Aussie filmmaker Phillip Noyce (Salt), Naomi Watts stars a Amy who goes on a daily jog. That tranquil jog is disturbed by a phone call that sees her world falls apart around her. When she finds herself racing against time to save her son from hi school, when the town is in lockdown thanks to a shooting.

While out for a run Amy Carr (Naomi Watts) tries to escape from what is her daily race. Surrounding her is nothing but an open country road during the daybreak in the morning. Everything is silent, nothing but peace of mind as she carries on, until an unforgettable cell phone ring stops her in motion.

What follows is a continuous sequence of her world crashing down in front of her while she’s miles away from home. She learns there is an active shooter at her son’s school. As she’s too far away from home or the holding area for parents she does whatever she can to protect her son and grapple the situation while on the go.

The film is set in a small town, takes place in real time, and predominantly unfolds on a secluded country road as our protagonist tries to keep her teenage son safe.

The film also stars Colton Gobbo and Sierra Maltby. The Desperate Hour will be released in the UK and Ireland from 25th February in select cinemas, Sky Cinema and streaming service NOW.

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