May 29, 2023

Young Girl Copes With Grief In The Sky Is Everywhere Trailer


If there’s one thing in life we don’t get with the other is grief and love. In The Sky Is Everywhere a young girl attempts to cope with grief and rebuild her life. Ahead of it’s release next month, Apple TV have released the film’s official Trailer that her rebuilding comes form an unexpected place.

The film comes from Josephine Decker (Madeline’s Madeline, Shirley) and is based on Jandy Nelson‘s beloved novel of the same name. Stars  Grace Kaufman as Lennie, a gifted musician  who suddenly loses her older sister. Struggling with the grief she tries to use her music as a way to cope with the loss.  That support comes from an unexpected place, her sister’s boyfriend whom she falls in love with.

This is one for the Young Adults, but grief affects is all regardless of age. That level of grief always varies per person Decker’s previous films we’ve enjoyed, this looks interesting.

Tucked among the magical redwood trees of Northern California and surrounded by her grandmother’s gargantuan roses, 17-year-old Lennie Walker, a radiant musical prodigy, struggles with overwhelming grief following the sudden loss of her older sister, Bailey. When Joe Fontaine, the charismatic new guy at school, enters Lennie’s life, she’s drawn to him. But Lennie’s complicated relationship with her sister’s devastated boyfriend, Toby, starts to affect Lennie and Joe’s budding love. Through her vivid imagination and honest, conflicted heart, Lennie navigates first love and first loss to create a song of her own. Acclaimed filmmaker Josephine Decker directs this moving adaptation of the beloved novel of the same name.

The cast also includes Pico Alexander, Jacques Colimon, Julia Schlaeper, Ji-young Yoo, Havana Rose Liu, Cherry Jones, and Jason Segel.

The Sky Is Everywhere will premiere on Apple TV+ from 11th February.

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