13 April 2024
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The Peoples Movies Top 10 UK Film Blog…5 Years In A Row!

Film blogging is extremely tough these days. Juggling work life , free time and of course is no easy  feat, 13 years later we are still here. The Peoples Movies was created as a site for us to share our passion for film and today we were once again recognised  by Vuelio.

Great news the website has been voted once again one of  TOP 10 UK Film Blogs, for the fifth year in a row. To many these recognitions may not mean much for a site our size this is fantastic news . As in what number of the Top Ten list, we are in 8th place which was the same spot as last year.

Vuelio’s rankings provide great opportunities for increased traffic and puts you on the map as a leading influencer in your blogger network, and in the country. We are a small independent film and Streaming website that started back in 2008. We don’t have all the resources of the bigger similar sites, we do live within our means and do enjoy when we are that small fish in a big pond.

When you see the other film blogs we are in with,  we are extremely grateful and thank Vuelio for inclusion. This reminds us no matter how big your website is, you can make a big mark.

Here’s the full list
1 (1) Flickering Myth
2 (2) Bleeding Cool
3 (4) Blazing Minds
4 (3) Live For Films
5 (5) Battle Royal With Cheese (BRWC)
6 (6) Back To Movies
7 (7) Hey U Guys
8 (8) The Peoples Movies
9 (NE) The Hollywood News
10(9) Directors Notes

Just like to thanks our great bunch of writers, editors for all their work. And you guys, our friends, supporters and followers thanks as ever for liking, sharing and debating our posts. Here’s hoping rest of 2022 will be a strong positive year for us all and maybe be reporting 2023 good news!

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