March 21, 2023

Michael Shannon Stars In Pressure Point Watch UK Trailer


Talent wins races, courage creates champions. Signature Entertainment have released the UK Trailer for sports drama Pressure Point starring Michael Shannon.

Here in the UK we do love our sports but we rarely delve into sports related films. Usually when we do they can be comedic in tone, it’s a different story Stateside. Many are for Track and field, this one however will see us hit the water for rowing.

Knives Out star Shannon stars as Coach Murphy and ex-army veteran brought into to fix an dysfunctional Ivy League university rowing team. Transform them from the troubles, unlock their potential to make them winners.

If you are from the U.S this film was called Heart Of Champions. Probably the last time the sport was on the big screen was in The Social Network. Which means this film is different from other sports films, but can it be different narratively too?

Oscar (™) nominee Michael Shannon stars in inspirational sports drama Pressure Point, from the producer of All is Lost and also featuring Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) and Charles Melton (Riverdale). After finishing last in the national championship, a college rowing team descends into turmoil and constant infighting between team leaders. A tough Army veteran, Coach Murphy (Michael Shannon), arrives at the start of the new season to transform the status quo and unlock their true potential. Using his experience and unconventional methods to help them overcome petty rivalries and personal challenges, Coach Murphy must inspire these young men to learn what it takes to be a team before they can be champions. Pressure Point was directed by Michael Mailer.

The film also stars Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Alex MacNicoll, Ash Santos, Lilly Krug, and David James Elliott.

Pressure Point will be released in the UK and Ireland  on Digital Platforms  from 7th February.