20 April 2024

Watch Little White Lies Best Top 30 Best Films Video Countdown

What time of the month should we do a Best of post? It’s a question  my film sites, newspapers and magazines  like to decide  as well as cinephiles themselves. In reality for the previous year it should really be January of the new year, but, here at The Peoples Movies we will post between Christmas Day and 31st December.

Once you’ve decided  the writers from that site share their favourites. Through personal experience it’s not easy, some years very easy. We do love our video posts and Film magazine Little White Lies has shared there’s with The 30 Best Films of 2021 – A Video Countdown.

The annual countdown which their staff writers have pooled together their personal faves and come up with a final list of 30 films which we feel reflect the very best of what 2021 had to offer. Many sites and media outlets like to rank the choices, which we try not to do as choices are personal to us all. Off course we respect choices and we know it’s not easy, even better if you can all agree on some like the top films. Like any list they’ll be films you expect, some you don’t and some of those may surprise you!

Little White Lies have also created a more detail list at their site, which you can check out here.

The Peoples Movies best/Worst Of lists will be posted the week after Christmas day 26th-31st December). Some of our writer will post their own lists, so stay tuned!

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