Watch Horror Short Stay Pretty No Pity Starring Maria Ozawa

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Short films at The Peoples Movies aren’t just for the weekend and today have a short for your viewing pleasure. Tokyo Bay Films have sent us the Horror short Stay Pretty No Pity starring Maria Ozawa…Do you want to stay pretty?

The 11 minute film has been directed by Wilco C. Rullens and it seems the short depending on the response it could be subject of becoming a full feature. When urban legend crosses paths with J-Horror with a story that is based on folklore Yotsuya Kaidan (四谷怪談). One that takes us back to Japan’s Edo Period when a Samurai gets his beautiful wife killed because she was deformed. Only for her to haunt her husband in visions who would kill himself! Her ghost returns centuries later to punish the ‘ugly’

Enjoy all 11 minutes below…

If a ghost shows herself to you in the mirror and asks: “Do you want to stay pretty?” What would your answer be?

Stay Pretty, No Pity is a short film that tells the story of Lucy (Maria Ozawa) who fled an abusive relationship and took refuge with her new roommate. Things take a turn for the worst when a ghost appears and shows her seemingly random images. Lucy has three days to decipher the clues of these visions and discover the ghost’s intentions.

Stay Pretty, No Pity is a spooky extension of the ancient Japanese folklore tale of Oiwa Yotsuya (Yotsuya Kaidan). The original tale followed a samurai who after murdering his wife after she became deformed was haunted by her spirit until he became insane and killed himself.

Now hundreds of years later, Yotsuya is back! She is punishing ugly characters by recruiting the pretty, starting with Lucy.