Van Helsing Final Season And Complete Seasons Coming January

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Dazzler Media are set to release the highly entertaining post apocalyptic fantasy horror series Van Helsing. Earlier this year the fifth and final screened on Netflix, next month you can own that season Blu-ray, DVD and Download-to-Own . Or even go for the complete collection box set which features all 65 episodes from every season, including the eagerly awaited fifth and final season.

The series stars Kelly Overton as our titular character inspired by the graphic novel released by Zenescope Entertainment called Helsing. created by Neill La Bute co-starring Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, Vincent Gale, Rukiya Bernard, Trezzo Mahoro and Aleks Paunovic.

Vanessa Van Helsing (Overton) a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, she awakens from a coma only awake and to find herself in a post-apocalyptic world. Several years after an eruption of Yellowstone had blanketed the world in ash, blocking out sunlight and allowing vampires to overrun humanity. She is humanity’s last hope, as her unique blood composition gives her the ability to turn vampires back into humans.

Van Helsing has become one of the most exciting and entertaining fantasy-horror shows of recent times, combining brutal action with compelling storytelling and memorable characters. Inspired by the Helsing graphic novel series, the show has gone on to earn a loyal fan following worldwide.

Following an event referred to as “The Rising”, vampires now dominate the world. Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton, True Blood, Legends), the great-great-great-grand daughter of vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected to lead the surviving humans in their struggle against the vampires.

Van Helsing, the final season and The Complete Collection boxset, both coming to Blu-ray, DVD and Download-to-Own from 10th January.