Sunday Short Theatre – Listen To Me Sing (2019)

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I have to admit I adore animation but I rarely show appreciation for stop motion animation. This week’s Sunday Short Theatre, Listen To Me Sing is a delightful little film reminds us to show a little love.

The 11 minute animated short film comes from Welsh filmmaker Isabell Garett and this is her graduation film. She was a student of the National Film School, who have made a bit of a name for themselves for a source of BAFTA winning shorts, ironically all stop motion animation. Isabell would go onto win the best Animation & Macmahon Media Award at the Female Filmmakers Fest Berlin 2020, Best Animation at Underwire the year before.

In this one we find ourselves in a isolated, rundown hotel. Sophie the hotel’s entertainer is struggling in what seems to be a confusing world. Out of the blue in a bathtub, a walrus suddenly appears and quickly Sophie bonds with the creature. The hotel’s guests become obsessed with the creature, Sophie it’s only hope for rescue.

If you enjoyed Guillermo Del Toro‘s fantasy The Shape Of Water this shares many things with it. It’s certainly a an odd surreal and eccentric, a world where anything goes.

A downtrodden hotel performer finds her most primal self when she falls in love with a walrus.

Source: Short Of The Week