Enjoy The Awesome Sleepy Skunk 2021 Movie Mashup


Christmas Day has now passed and the countdown to the new year is on it’s final countdown, it’s time for the traditional movie mashup’s. As we speak we are compiling our best /worst of films of 2021, our good friend Sleepy Skunk has released his annual Movie Mashup and it’s awesome!

As you know we love posting yearly movie trailer mashups every year, however very few still create them. One we’ve posted since we discovered them is Sleepy Skunk or Louis Plamondon. Consistently along with our other favourite Jed Wagman both have delivered the best videos and reason why we love posting them.

Bored of all the usual crap that Television sprouts out every festive season? Watch this seven minute video and bring that smile back….

After 2020 being a year we stayed at home rather in our local cinemas, cinephiles worldwide delighted to watch new films on the big screen. Off course with caution and respect with COVID-19 still causing havoc. Some films caught in no man’s land still found new homes in 2021, so what’s on the list?

Sleepy Skunk is a Los Angeles, California based video editor, so there is going to be the usual number of films not released in the UK or Ireland yet. Some will be coming soon like Licorice Pizza, Belfast others just released The Kings Man, Titane, Don’t Look Up and The Matrix Resurrections. Off course there is the blockbusters West Side Story, Spider-Man: No Way Home, House Of Gucci and Dune. The Disney films Encanto, Shang-Chi And The Ten Rings, Cruella, Luca, Jungle Cruise. The indie gems Pig, Shiva Baby, Coda, and that much delayed James Bond movie No Time To Die.

All presented in 3 sections comedy, drama and action. Once again a big thanks to Louis better known as Sleepy Skunk for this brilliant video and all the best for 2022!