March 26, 2023

DC Developing Legion Of Super-Heroes TV Show?


Whilst DC live action films maybe at a crossroads there Television department seems to be having more luck. It’s seems HBO Max are set to develop an animated adult series for Legion Of Super-Heroes.

The news broke thanks to prolific comic book writer Brian Micheal Bendis own newsletter. Bendis recently wrote the title’s last volume, which ended up with the writer in talks with HBO. He shared how things have been going for the project…

So, miracle of miracles, HBO then asked what else I would want to do and if there’s any DC properties I thought would make an interesting show. I may have yelled the word LEGION louder than you want to in a normal adult person business meeting. So yeah, the headline today is… HBO Max has put me to work on a LEGION OF SUPERHEROES TV SHOW. At the moment it is being developed as an adult animated show. Can you tell I am jumping up and down about this? I’ve been working on it for a while and last week I was sent to the next phase.”

Just like any project film or television, this is still in early stages. Things can change drastically , he continues…“Facts: its very early goings but I can tell you this will be an adaptation of the Legion of superheroes that Ryan Sook and I have been working on the last few years. And just like that series, on sale now, it will harken back to so many classics while at the same time doing what Legion does: pushing all the ideas of superheroes forward in every direction.”

Bendis has been working on the comic book title for a few years and teases the stories he has been working on, possibly be some that could end up in episodes of the animation when they are hopefully made.

Otto Binder and Al Plastino created the Legion which first made it’s appearance in Adventure Comics #247 which was published in 1958. They lived in 30th and 31st centuries, and were involved with the Justice League when any storyline involved time travel. In 2019 the comic book was relaunched with Bendis writing the stories with artist Ryan Snook. The comic has been a success critically and recently the pair have finished a graphic novel which will see the The Legion Of Super-Heroes and the Justice League once again.

If this potential series is to be adult themed we we assume it might be similar in tone to Harley Quinn, even The Boys. If that is the case, sign us up! We will probably have to wait a few years before any episode will be released.

Source: Collider