Best Films Free On BBC iPlayer (19th December 2021)

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Sunday has arrived once again, so what can we watch ? This week’s choices for the Best free films on BBC iPlayer are here. A mix of  friendly neighbourhood webslingers, cult vampires, psychotic women and a classic film perfect for the festive season.

Do remember below is only a selection of the best free films available, head over to the BBC for the full list. It’s a diverse range of genres, new and old as well as from around the world. Do remember some of the films will be available for a limited time only!


What perfect time to watch this again with the third film now in cinemas. Tom Holland stars as our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in the franchise second reboot.

Despite an Avengers encounter, Peter Parker’s amazing abilities and Tony Stark-supplied costume are stuck serving only his own New York neighbourhood. Then an encounter with crooks using alien tech, led by the cynical Vulture, draws him into a dangerous adventure – almost as perilous as wanting to take the girl of his dreams to their high school homecoming dance.

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If you’re going to see SPider-Man: No Way Home, why not watch film 2 of the Tom Holland films to get you up to date with the new one. This one does tie in slightly with the new one…

Dodging responsibilities, Peter Parker takes a school trip to Europe but lands in monstrous trouble. Nick Fury expects Spider-Man to step up and help prevent further disaster, alongside a newly arrived hero, but the teen from Queens doubts himself.

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This film may not be a critical success, it’s worth it to see veteran French actress Isabelle Huppert (Elle, Piano Teacher) go full on Kathy Bates pretending to be Michael Myers, this Neil Jordan campy chiller worth a look.

Frances, a young woman who has recently lost her mother, befriends a lonely widowed piano teacher, Greta, only for Greta’s behaviour to turn dark and deadly.

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Can’t believe this is nearly 35 years old. It was never the perfect film, like a wine matured into a cult favourite. Gave the vampire sub-genre a kick up the backside, fun slightly camp genre film.

When their mother moves them to a small town on the California coast, two teenage brothers discover that a local gang of bikers are all vampires.

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There’s something about Charles Dickens and Christmas just go so well together. They get remade every few years but when it comes to the best, you have to go with the original.

A vivid adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic novel from master director David Lean. The simple life of a poor orphan is forever altered after a chance encounter with a fearsome criminal and the intervention of a mysterious benefactor. In line with the wishes of the wealthy stranger, the boy is taken to London, where he is introduced to a higher class of society and transformed into a gentleman. Despite his new riches however, he is unable to win over the object of his affections – a beautiful but spoilt young woman he has known since childhood.

Lean’s vivid version of the tale won Academy Awards for cinematography and art direction.

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The above descriptions are all taken (or partly) from the description at BBC iPlayer