Sunday Short Theatre – Teardrop (2021)

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Wherever humanity is, when times get bad most of the time they’ll be a good Samaritan offering a helping hand. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre Teardrop, an act of good faith turns into something rather twisted.

The 9 minute short  comes from filmmaker Ryan Oksenberg and this is story that’s in a way personal to him. He was in his 20’s invited to some homeless people a chance to eat, shower, cloth. Off course those people were gracious of his kindness, things took a dark, twisted turn when one of the homeless wanted to return the favour sexually. Things went downhill really quickly and the people Ryan was helping got offended, leaving to question that the goodness was actually doing more harm.

This film may take a few moments to settle, you do get a good sense of the set up. Be it an unorthodox, a bit too much to be fictional, it’s very much self aware and even has humour. Life is unexpected and reminds us random acts of kindness could easily lead you into societal prejudices.  Listen to those you offer kindness before assuming what you want to offer is what they want or even need. Just don’t do it in the name to get you ‘browning points’ for your social status, do things to genuinely to help someone.

A seemingly good Samaritan’s gesture eventually gets the best of him.

The short film stars starring Marc Avery and Will Madden. Alongside Tanya Alexander, Corey DeSean, Wayne Allen, Chloe Mondesir, Nylah Mondesir, Denise Nelson. 

Source: Film Shortage