Stranger Things Season 4 Coming Summer 2022! Watch Teaser!

Welcome To California!


Netflix today announce that Stranger Things  Season 4 will premiere in Summer 2022, alongside a sneak peek at episode titles. Oh did we mention there’s also a new Teaser Trailer too with a focus on Eleven herself (Millie Bobby Brown), welcome to California!

Three years after the ending of season 3 the adventure will finally continue in Spring 1986 bar any other delay. It’s no surprise that the streaming giants revealed the latest trailer on the day nicknamed ‘Stranger Things Day’. 2019 was that last day but now Summer 2022 will be when we’ll recommence. All thanks to delayed production due to Covid-19 sweeping across the world delaying anything that got in the way, thankfully production is complete.

The new promo does open with the happy tome with Eleven and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) who haven’t seen each other for 185 days. Eleven does seem to enjoy school now, but as the trailer plays on we can see she’s not really enjoying it. We see she seems to be bullied a little or even has any friends, however she Mike now it’s going to be the ‘Spring break ever’.

Off course we all know that Spring Break won’t be the best. It might be ‘Californian Dreamin‘, throw in explosions, helicopters, mysterious characters and the Upside Down returning.

Now like tradition with Stranger Things, the episode titles are revealed, check them out below in the title tease.

The new episodes will be called The Hellfire Club, Vecna’s Curse, The Monster and The Superhero, Dear Billy, The Nina Project, The Dive, The Massacre At Hawkins Lab, Papa, and The Piggyback. What these episodes will be all about your guess will be good as ours. Looking at ‘Papa’ we can assume that will be the return of Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), will Eleven be listening?

Stranger Things Season 4 will be released in Summer 2022, exact date still to be announced.