Sing When You Rob Watch UK Trailer For The Score

What do you when Will Poulter, Johnny Flynn, get together have a sing song and rob? It’s called The Score and West End Films today release the British film’s Official Trailer.

A heist thriller and musical aren’t two genres we usually see together. In the directorial feature debut from Malachi Smyth who to now made a name for himself in scriptwriting . He will be known for 2009 Ghost Machine  and upcoming sci-fi thriller Sentinel starring Kate Bosworth.

The story for this one we find Two small time crooks (Poulter and Flynn) meet a secluded café to discuss an upcoming heist. However at that place one of them gets to know the waitress (Naomie Ackie) more due to the pair sharing a coming like for music.

The film made its world premiere back at Toronto Film Festival  and more recently at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. The music itself is original and written by Flynn himself with his band Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit.

Two small-time crooks, Mike (Flynn) and Troy (Poulter), are on a mission – the ‘score’ – that they both expect will transform their circumstances. At a roadside café, as they wait for a rendezvous hand-over, Troy falls in love with the waitress, Gloria (Ackie), and begins to question his life choices… while the threat of real danger is driving to meet them.

The film also stars Lydia Wilson. At this stage The Score doesn’t have an official distributor nor release date, with this trailer we’re expecting news soon on release details.