20 April 2024

Film Review – The Nowhere Inn (2020)

Meet Annie Clark; No, not the incredibly striking and endearing Canadian actor of, Degrassi Next Generation, whom actually has a significant role as Annie Clark, in The Nowhere Inn. I’m actually referring to Tulsa born, amazing multi-talented musician, singer, composer and cool as ice artistic performer better known as, St. Vincent.

This obscure story of the making of behind-the-scenes road trip during a concert tour is all about fame, identity and harmony.

Two rock stars, best friends collide in their own wild surreal ways here in an often-amusing mockumentary, at times cringeworthy but always mischievous. Self-parody is also a premium, or is it real?

There’s some quite remarkable music too in between on and off-stage mockumentary scenarios.

In the set-up, St. Vincent has asked fellow musical artist, lifelong friend Carrie Brownstein to film various moments on the tour, although it becomes clear that St. Vincent is much more interesting performing than out of the spotlight. Also, the writer, full of broad pizazz, Carrie is astonishingly natural in her deadpan hilarity.

Impressively layered dark comedy seeps into your unsuspecting senses viewing this film like sap down a hundred-year-old tree.

Directed, seemingly with room to move for his freewheeling cast, by Bill Benz, Images stay with you, as does the soundtrack.

An acquired taste, The Nowhere Inn, is weird, I like that! Think, 1986 David Byrne comedy, True Stories, with more adult orientated starch. It makes sense that St. Vincent has previously collaborated with Talking Heads front man Byrne.


Drama, Comedy | USA, 2020 | 15 | Out Now | Cinema (limited), Digital HD |Dir.Bill Benz | Annie Clark, St. Vincent, Carrie Brownstein, Dakota Johnson

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