Film Review – PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021)

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The loveable rescue pups have made it to the big screen with their first-ever movie, aptly named, Paw Patrol: The Movie.

If you have primary school children then I’m sure you’ll be all too familiar with what Ryder, Chase and the rest of the pups get up to in their 10-minute TV episodes. With eight seasons under their collars, the pups are now ready for a feature-length movie.

But, before we talk about the movie, if you do have Paw Patrol fans, you need to know that this movie only contains the original six pups, with the introduction to a new pup Liberty, so no Everest or Tracker or later members. I feel this is important to be aware of if your child’s favourite is not one of the original pack.

The film has sharp graphics and loud, edgy background music, which I don’t remember being so dramatic in the TV series, and this adds to the cinematic suspense feel of a feature film.

It’s action-packed all the way and the dialogue scenes are kept short which is needed to keep the attention of the younger audience.

The film has two storylines. The main story is how the pups move to Adventure City to help the citizens fight against Humdinger, who is currently ruling the city with his cats. Humdinger is having all the dogs rounded up and put in kennels. When Chase runs away (the underlying story), he is caught and put in kennels too. This had the same feel and storyline as “100% Wolf”.

We are introduced to a stray, streetwise pup named Liberty who helps Ryder and the gang on their mission, and to rescue Chase from the Kennels, again a sense of “I’ve seen this plot somewhere before”. I wonder if we will see Liberty again in Season nine of the TV show.

The underlying story is about Chase and his fears of returning to Adventure City. His story tugs at your heartstrings when he loses his courage and himself but being a children’s movie, this sadness doesn’t last too long and Chase is back on the Case.

The movie ends with a big climactic scene, keeping us all on the edge of our seats– will Chase ever get over his fears and save Ryder or will two be lost in the storm!!

The Paw Patrol movie is an excellent film for all Paw Patrol fan and their family.

Animation, Adventure | UK, 2021 | U | Blu-Ray, DVD | Paramount Pictures | Dir.Carl Bunker | Kim Kardashian, Tyler Perry, Marsai Martin, Dax Shepard, Iain Armitage, Jimmy Kimmel

Included with the Blu-ray™ and DVD release:

A Totally PAW-some Team – Join Chase on an off-leash adventure at the brand-new Adventure City headquarters and discover the pups’ upgraded high-tech gadgets and vehicles!

ACN: Adventure City News Reports with Marty Muckraker – Become a citizen of Adventure City as you watch the exciting news reports by the city’s #1 news source, gossip columnist, and beat reporter all rolled into one…Marty Muckraker!

PAW Patrol: The Movie Lyric Video (Reimagined Theme) – Whether you have four legs or two, howl along with the PAW Patrol gang in this fun and goofy lyric video! An all-new reimagined theme song! (English Only)