“There’s Been A Murder!” In Trailer For The Afterparty

How did it all go wrong?! Whatever it was there’s been a murder! Apple TV+ have released the first Trailer for Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s Murder Mystery Comedy Series The Afterparty.

Who needs Benoit Blanc when you have Tiffany Haddish on your tail? The comedic actress stars as Detective Danner trying to solver the murder of someone at a school reunion party. Each episode of the series will piece together the clues by retelling the night of the murder from a different character’s perspective.

After the success of Knives Out Apple TV+ are certainly in the mood for their piece of the pie. Having the award winning team behin 21 Jump Street reboot, The Lego Movie amongst others, you might be onto another potential winner.

This is one of the most surprising, original and fun projects we’ve ever made,” said Lord and Miller. “Our goal was to tell a comedic whodunnit story in a new and exciting way. By giving each episode its own unique style of storytelling, we were able to make what feels like eight distinctly different but interconnected films that highlight how everyone’s personal perspective and biases shape how they see the world.”

Eveything is awesome!

The Afterparty is a murder-mystery comedy set at a high school reunion afterparty. Each of the eight episodes will feature a retelling of the same night told through a different character’s perspective, each with its own unique visual format and film genre to match the teller’s personality.

The ‘suspects’ for this series will be Sam Richardson, Dave Franco, Ben Schwartz, Ilana Glazer, Ike Barinholtz, Zoe Chao, and Jamie Demetriou.

The Afterparty eight-episode series will premiere globally in January 2022 on Apple TV+.