The Storm Is Here In New 13 Minutes Film Clip

This Monday coming whatever you do don’t look up as Signature Entertainment release disaster thriller 13 Minutes.

This film is the debut feature for Lindsay Gossling. To make things as authentic as possible real life stormchaser Travis Farncombe is onboard and helped to write the film’s script.

In this one, we follow four families who live in a small town in the heartland USA. When news breaks that their town is on the path of a devastating large tornado, the residents are given 13 minutes to reach the shelter. The destruction forces everyone impacted to overcome their differences and face some difficult questions in the name of survival.

Signature Entertainment have sent us over a clip from the film called ‘The Storm‘. The name of the clip says it all, the storm they have been warned about is coming has arrived!

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13 Minutes is an edge-of-your-seat disaster thriller featuring an incredible cast – including Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect), Thora Birch (American Beauty), Peter Facinelli (Twilight franchise) and Anne Heche (Volcano) – and boasting jaw-dropping visual effects from the team behind Everest and Deepwater Horizon.

The largest tornado on record threatens to ravage a small town, leaving residents with only 13 minutes to find shelter, search for loved ones and fight for their lives.

In the wake of total devastation, four families must overcome their differences and find strength in themselves and each other in order to survive.

The film stars Trace Adkins, Thora Birch, Peter Facinelli, Anne Heche, Amy Smart, Sofia Vassilieva, and Paz Vega.

13 Minutes will be released released on Digital HD in the UK and Ireland from this Monday, 1st November.