The Peoples Movies Is Recruiting! Join Us!?

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Autumn is here, The Peoples Movies looking to film in some gaps in our writing teams. We’re recruiting, Join Us!?

A thank you for all those who have already applied to join us, we will be in touch soon. For this recruitment drive we are looking for some specific positions. Writers who are happy for specific films to be assigned to them, sometimes they will be certain genres. However You will be someone who will be happy to cover all genres and still review something that might not great.

It’s not all about the reviews, news is a big integral part of the website. From the news stories we get directly and scouring the internet for those stories. Trailers and clips from the upcoming films another vital part you will post these too. If you want to add film reviews to your job description, you can!

We are also trying to expand The Peoples Movies range by adding Podcasting. We are new to this new media, love to bring onboard critics to join us as co-host or even the main host. The format is still to be decided, if you are a bit of an expert on podcast love you onboard too!

For the reviewing parts of the job we ask that you can review in as many formats as possible – Blu-ray, DVD, Online Screening Link. Have access to Streaming channels such as Netflix, Prime Video, Apple, Disney+, MUBI, Sky.

The Positions we are looking to fill quickly are
NEWS WRITER (covering news, trailer posting, Articles/Features)
GENERAL WRITER (all genres, assigned film to review)
ANIME WRITER (inc NETFLIX, other streaming channels)

No experience really required , but does help you have some experience. We ask you are full of passion and have a lot of enthusiasm for the areas you want to write about. Very creative, bursting with ideas, reliable, able to stick to deadlines and delivering what you promise. we would expect a good level of spelling and grammar too.

fill in the form below and get in touch, good luck…