Sunday Short Theatre – Into The Circle (2021)

When it comes to Native Americans in films and even television they shown in a clichéd usally offensived manner. It’s a depiction that society seems to have on anyone who considers themselves indigenous. We have a long way to go to appreciate as well as respect everyone and the culture. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre Into The Circle they give you a door into the world of a Indigenous family.

This week’s film is an 17 minute documentary from Meg Griffiths and Scott Faris. A nuanced look at one family who are going through a life-altering tragedy. We see Lakota community gathered around the family to support them whilst helping them reconnect with their heritage.

This film can be a hard sell or at least presented in a way to show appreciation we live on a planet with a rich, diverse range of people. Embrace these cultures rather than sterotype them, even try learn about them. This film doesn’t have an structured plot, just something that’s organic, measured and attempts to deliver a film in a respectful way.  The one big factor is it promotes the power of the family structure and exploring life in the community and ones culture. Not forgetting America’s systemic attempts to eradicate Native American experience which those in power have for  done decades violently.
Into the Circle tells the story of a resilient Indigenous family, their journey through life-altering tragedy, and the community that helped them reconnect with their Lakota heritage.

Source: Short Of The Week