20 April 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – Family Heirloom (2021)

How far would you go for love? Most of the times it’s a straightforward task, in this week’s Sunday Short Theatre Family Heirloom it’s a nerve racking proposal. One to your love of your life’s father, you can’t get anymore simpler than that? Think again!

This week’s film comes from Will Pinke, a 14 minute short that puts a simple blessing on a harrowing path the wannabe groom wasn’t expecting . An emotional rollercoaster from start to finish and one that’s personal to the director. His previous relationship which saw his one time future father in law test him to the test and this film highlights how love and families cross paths.

The film stars Woody Fu, Bill Gold and Thea Brooks. We meet Guy Shen who is ready to propose to his girlfriend, Emily Steckler. When Guy goes to Emily’s father Marty to ask for his blessing, Marty says yes, but only if Guy can pass a twisted test to prove his devotion.

Guy is ready to propose to his girlfriend Emily. He visits her father Marty to ask for his blessing. Marty says yes, with one condition…Marty promised his mother (“Bubbe”) that Emily would be married in the family wedding ring—but when Bubbe died, Marty forgot to take the ring off her finger. If Guy wants to marry Emily, he’ll need to dig up Bubbe, retrieve the ring, and never tell a soul. They drive to the graveyard late at night. Will Guy follow through? How far is he willing to go for love?

source: Film Shortage

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