Film Review – Demigod (2021)

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This is one of those movies you will detect within the opening scene if it is for you, any horror that begins with chanting, candles and coven childbirth as a focus, is rarely pretty.

Triple-threat writer, director, star, Mississippi auteur Miles Doleac has talent with a broad mind translating solid frightening ideas into commendable spooky films on a limited budget.

Hopelessly in love couple, Robin and Leo, are visiting an isolated house left to Robin by her late grandfather, somewhere inside the dense 70,000 square mile Black Forest in Germany. Upon arrival they meet her grandfather’s friend, local hunting enthusiast Arthur and his young daughter Amalia who warn them it’s not safe at night.

The woods have a gothic, haunted history with a legend of darkness story that was told to Robin as a child, although now as an adult she basically dismisses it until witches turn up for a midnight visit.

The disorientated pair wake up chained to trees, with a select few others equally confused how they got there.
The witches appear with a couple of gimp like fellows to explain they are all sacrificial humans for a solstice hunt by their god of the forest in need of flourishing flesh to rebirth.

On the run, the group run for their lives from a fast-moving cross bow wielding half-human bull-horned predator-beast with laser eyes. There’s some great action mixed with gore galore thrills.

Be warned, a child is hit and hurt quite convincingly through some solid acting by Rachel Ryals who also appeared in previous Doleac picture, The Dinner Party.

An advantageous Rachel Nichols as Robin is prominent, drawn to the woods, it’s never clear what she is thinking.

★★ 1/2

Horror | USA, 2021 | 15 | Digital/ Limited Cinema | Gravitas Ventures | 15th October 2021 (USA) | Dir.Miles Doleac | Rachel Nichols, Yohance Myles, Miles Doleac, Rachel Ryals

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