Watch The UK Trailer For Jim Cummings The Beta Test

Blue Finch Films have released the UK Trailer for Jim Cummings latest The Beta Test. Infidelity in the digital age, a scathing satire of outdated Hollywood sleaze, rampant consumerism and an adulterous horror story for a hyper-connected digital generation.

We’re big fans of Jim Cummings ever since the brilliant Thunder Road [my review] we’ve waited eagerly for his next film. After trying his luck in horror with The Wolf Of Snow Hollow, Hollywood itself is his next challenge.

This one Cummings has co-written and directed with PJ McCabe both men also star. Cummings plays a ruthless married talent agent who finds himself ensnared in the sleazy world of the digital generation. All thanks to a anonymous offer of a sexual encounter, will his world fall apart if he accepts?

Our writer Freda Cooper watched the film at Edinburgh Film Festival last month. Freda described the film saying “Fans of his work won’t be disappointed. Newbies will have the thrill that goes with discovering something special“.

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Shortly before his wedding, ruthless talent agent, Jordan (Jim Cummings) receives a mysterious envelope offering no-strings-attached sex with a stranger in a hotel room. Initially amused, then intrigued, he becomes obsessed by the idea of a secret erotic adventure and impulsively accepts. But will he regret his choices when his meticulous, superficial world threatens to collapse under the weight of his burgeoning lies?

Following its world premiere at Berlin International Film Festival and screenings at Edinburgh International Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival, The Beta Test finds rising star Jim Cummings at his acerbic best as he once again skewers the ego of a man on the edge of disaster and the society around him.

The film also stars Virginia Newcomb, Kevin Changaris, Olivia Grace Applegate, Jessie Barr, Malin Barr, and Christian Hillborg. The Beta Test will be released in UK and Irish cinemas from 15th October.