Watch The UK Trailer For Bizarre Love Triangle ‘The Lodger’

It’s hard times for us all and sometimes when it comes to renting a place you got to look at every option. Even if that option is an elderly woman played by Jacqueline Bisset in The Lodger. Lightbulb Film Distribution have released the UK Trailer for the upcoming new psychological horror thriller from Baptiste Drapeau, might just open the door to a truly bizarre love triangle.

This film is described by Lightbulb Film DistributionIt’s smart, suspenseful and features the most bizzare supernatural love-triangle in recent film history. It’s warped, disturbing and utterly charming.”

Bisset is an eccentric older woman who offers a young woman Alice Isaaz a place to stay in return that she’ll help around the house. She agrees and starts to feel a presence around the home that might be the older woman’s dead husband who believes is still alive…

An elderly woman (Jacqueline Bisset) takes in a lodger (Alice Isaaz), offering accommodation in return for help around the house. The eccentric woman behaves as if her long-deceased husband is still alive. But soon the lodger begins to feel his presence.

The film also stars François-Dominique Blin, Bastien Ughetto, Antoine Macaud and Quentin Laclotte. The Lodger will be available to download or stream from Sky Store, AppleTV, Amazon Prime and Google Play, and available on DVD from ASDA, Morrisons, Amazon and HMV.

The Lodger will be released in the UK and Ireland from the 18th October in Digital HD along with DVD format.