15 April 2024

Watch The Psychedelic UK Trailer For Dash Shaw’s Cryptozoo

When it comes to mind bending animation you automatically think of René Laloux and his wonderfully brilliant Fantastic Planet. 40 plus years on Dash Shaw‘s vibrant and distinctive animated feature Cryptozoo feels like a predecessor. Next month MUBI will be exclusively releasing the film in the UK and Ireland, today we get a look at the Psychedelic UK Trailer.

The film is set in a world inhabited by humans as well as rare mythical creatures. Lauren is a zookeeper dedicated to the creatures bringing them all to her sanctuary, including rescuing captured creatures from the military.

Our writer Freda Cooper watched the film at it’s world premiere at Sundance Film Festival. Freda said the film Wears “its hippy credentials with pride“. Trippy, strange, hallucinogenic  and most of all creative…

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Set in a world inhabited by both humans and rare mythical creatures known as “Cryptids”, it tells the story of Lauren, a zookeeper who has dedicated her life to finding and bringing these controversial beings under the protection of her sanctuary – the titular Cryptozoo. When she attempts to track down an elusive, dream-eating beast and bring it to safety, she enters into a dangerous mission to find it before it is captured and exploited by the military.

A vibrant and fantastical critique of capitalist values and the efficacies of utopias, Dash’s wondrous second feature blends awe-inspiring visuals with an unbridled imagination that makes for a truly unique cinematic journey.

The film features the voice talents of  Lake Bell (In a World, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Juno), Zoe Kazan (The Big Sick, Ruby Sparks), Grace Zabriskie (Twin Peaks), Alex Karpovsky (Girls), Peter Stormare (American Gods), and Louisa Krouse (Billions), and a The  score is by John Caroll Kirby.

Cryptozoo will be released exclusively on  in the UK and Ireland  as well as Germany along with Turkey from 22nd October.

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