Watch Frozen Colouring Book Turned Into Book Of Terrors!

I remember once a man who asked his daughter what she would like for her birthday, she said something from Frozen. Cheekily he bought her bag of frozen peas but what if he gave her a colouring book from the popular Disney animated feature?

Maybe when you watch the video below it might give her nightmares if horror artist Jordan Persegati got his hands on it first. It’s amazing what you can do with something that cost £1-2, how sadistically inventive you get.

Looking back over your ‘teen angst’ rebellious days when you drew little horns on things, big moustaches and other silly things you drew out of boredom. Our Horror artist in question was not bored and he made the Frozen into a book of terrors!

AV Club spotted the brilliant above video and thanks to them we share it with you. I studied Graphic Design at University sadly I didn’t do anything with skill I learned. The one thing I really enjoyed was the deconstruction of something and in Jordan’s case the colouring book. He’s created a Youtube channel which he challenges himself by terrorising even more Disney or other kids favourites. From dot to dots, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Dora The Explorer along with cute emojis making them scary.

Revenge on cuteness or simply having fun? Have look decide from yourselves!