Sunday Short Theatre – Discord The Movie (2021)

The world wide web is a wonderful place, it gives so much to the world. Ever since it’s invention many moons ago it’s evolved in many ways since then like these days it’s all about the apps like DISCORD. This weeks Sunday Short Theatre that app is the centre of a short film starring Akwafina and Danny DeVito.

Discord is an application for people to hang out and communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers”. It might not mean much to some, trust us some of the rooms there is virtually millions people in them, others just dozens. The app was mostly first used by gamers but gradually over the years it’s spread throughout into other areas. It was also by invite only

This six minute short film is created by Discord chief marketing officer Tesa Aragones and creative director Bemnet Yemesgen with Finn Keenan directing the film. The film uses a mix of live action as well as CGI animation showcasing our 2 Hollywood actors on journey through the Discord world highlighting what the app means to it’s users. Asking you to ‘imagine a place’  mixed in with quotes from those users in this world where no one is an outsider.

The film also includes pop stars Grimes,  J Balvin, social media influencer Bretman Rock, and YouTube celebs MrBeast and Marques Brownlee.

A short film based on the Discord community’s descriptions of Discord.

Source: Film Shortage