Sunday Short Theatre – Dating Is Shit (2021)

For many of us dating someone comes very easy, for the rest of us it can be mission impossible. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre, Dating Is Shit really highlights how bad dating can be.

This delightfully gorgeous animated short comes from London based filmmaker Adeena Grubb. The film doesn’t shine the spotlight on just those failed dates, it shares the whole experience of dating. From the choosing the right person, dating them however everything isn’t a rosy in just saying yes or no.

This short film shows dating from a female perspective and many women get bombarded with ‘dick pics’. If you do get to next stage is your ‘new love’ committed to you or simply playing the game behind your back? I may not be female I have to admit I did date a woman who I learned very quickly had commitment issues, had a man for every day of the week, she was a compulsive liar too.

Dating Is Crap is very short film, running at just under 3 minutes long. The animation was created using the rotoscope style taking Grubb two years to create, becoming very much a love/hate relationship project. Just like anyone looking for love never give up however long the road is. Watch until the end as there might be a happy ending!

In a world of apps, dick pics and commitment issues, dating can be tiring and can start to take a toll on a person, this animation is a grim view of how it can be.

This film was rotoscoped and took around two years to complete! There are around 50 characters, 1000 rotoscoped illustrations and 14 handmade miniature sets.

Watch til the very end for a sneaky happy ending!

Source: Vimeo Staff Picks Via Firstshowing