Sunday Short Theatre – Are You Still There? (2020)

Before we start this week’s Sunday Short Theatre , apologies for having no edition last week. This time last week I was on a short break in London, had limited time online hence why very few posts the week that’s just passed.

I may not be a driver but I know when you take something out of your daily lives such as a car, things go downhill right into chaos. A car is one of those things and when things don’t work  like a battery life is one big frustration. In this week’s choice Are You Still There?  A dead car battery is of one many things that are piling up for  the young woman behind the wheel. Her calm nature is hanging together with a piece of thread.

This 15 minute drama comes from the minds of filmmaking duo Rayka Zehtabchi and Sam Davis.  Our stranded main character  Safa is stranded in a shopping mall car park. Sitting in her car all thanks to her car’s battery and the battery is one of many things on her mind at the moment. She may have AAA for her car but that is not on her name, it’s on her father’s name. With the store owner banging on her window and her mother at her work what can she do?

This short has some personal connection to Zehtabchi whose father passed away when she was at university. It seems Safa’s father has passed too answering the problem to AAA. The broken down car is very much an metaphorical highlighting her vulnerability  in a subtle way. Shut off  from the outside world ready to blow off, just like life when things are falling apart around you. Fear, anger, frustration, your world ready to fall apart, just let it all out…

A dead car battery leaves Safa stranded alone in a strip mall parking lot.

Source: Short Of The Week