Grimmfest 2021 Preview

Widely regarded as one of the finest independent genre festivals in the world, Grimmfest is preparing to kick off its 13th edition. The live event will take place 7-10 Oct at Odeon Great Northern in Manchester UK. As has become the pandemic norm for many festivals around the world there is also a hybrid online edition that runs from 14th -17th Oct.

With four days of movie premieres, Q&As, talks, parties, and exclusive events this year’s Grimmfest promises to be bigger and better than ever.

You can check out the full ticket details here.

We will be providing remote coverage here at The People’s Movies and below are just a few of the grim delights to look forward to from the typically inspired lineup.


This debut feature film from the multi-talented Pierre Tsigaridis is everything you want from a horror festival picture. However, to preserve the many surprises the fewer plot details you know going in the better.

Structurally impressive and gorgeously shot in the style of vintage Euro-horror, this astonishingly spiteful salvo of full-throttle Witchsplotation is sure to be one of the biggest hits of Grimmfest 13.


A virus mutates and forces everyone it infects to indulge in their darkest psychosexual fantasies.

This outrageously violent walking trigger warning comes with a well-deserved reputation for giving precisely zero fucks when it comes to cinematic sensibilities. An out-of-control freight train of a film that will leave the gorehounds of Grimmfest in raptures.

Inspired by the morally bankrupt legacy of Catagory III cinema from Hong Kong it will be the screening everyone will be talking about. Do not miss it.


White knuckle cat and mouse chills as a machiavellian serial killer stalks a resourceful deaf woman.

This pacy and inventive survival horror provides a plethora of twists and nasty mind games and cements South Korea’s reputation as a fertile breeding ground for genre gems.

Though it rattles along at a furious lick, it still finds time to intelligently analyse the social injustices people with hearing loss have to cope with.

Fans of well-crafted thrillers are in for a treat as Midnight prepares to grip Grimmfest goers as tightly as it has other festival crowds across the world.


Ultra high concept horror from the directors who unleashed the legendary À l’intérieur during the heady days of the New French Extremity.

With a body of work unfairly judged in their debut’s shadow, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury always deliver exciting genre pictures. Hot on the heels of the outrageously bloody Kandisha, this latest venture documents Youtubing urban explorers as they poke about in a submerged house.

No creative team working today handles independent horror projects with such style and dedication marking  The Deep House as a Grimmfest must-see.


Three young women awaken in a claustrophobic institution of brutality. One cannot hear, one cannot speak, and one cannot see. Together they must unravel the mystery behind their torturous incarceration.

Experimental horror from Mexico comes to Grimmfest in this artful deep dive into the murky realms of purgatory. Almost entirely dialogue-free, Forgiveness relies on insane imagery and a discombobulating sound design to convey its powerful message.

A brave inclusion in the festival program, showing credible solidarity with both world cinema and independent creativity, that epitomises all that is vital and empowering about truly autonomous cinema.