Film Review – Prisoners Of The Ghostland (2021)

Anyone familiar with Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono, knows to expect the unexpected, this ludicrous Nicolas Cage venture is no different, full of obscure embodiments of western-eastern hysteria contusive to baffle from astute beginning to meteoric ending.

Post-apocalyptic warlord known as The Governor (Bill Moseley) recruits notorious thief Hero (Cage) to retrieve his granddaughter Bernice (an underused although significantly decisive Sofia Boutella) who has escaped from the brothel with three fellow, comfort women. However, there are severe conditions including a self-destruct timeline for Hero to accomplish the task.

Strapped into a leather suit fitted with explosives focussed around various important body parts also set to detonate if Hero attempts to remove or physically embodies Bernice, in any way.

Critical story elements are lost within a jumbled visionary experience alongside fierce of intensity and violence through this unique journey within a forlorn world that may test the patience of most viewers, even die-hard Nic Cage enthusiasts.

Those expecting an infinite creative Nicolas Cage masterpiece will not be completely disappointed, but there is combined sense of sedation mixed with the broad in his prolific performance facing off against samurais and zombies among other ‘nuclear’ entities.

Fired up Sofia, has immediate chemistry with Nic, an absolute knockout delivering a precise wild achievement in acting glory in what I’m sure was a role with eccentricity room to move.

Detailed production design is another highlight by veteran, Toshihiro Isomi, complimented by outrageous costumes from on-fire rookie designer, Chieko Matsumoto.

Purposely a difficult movie to comprehend, although admirers of the unusual, will devour.


Action, Horror | Japan/USA, 2021 | 18 | Cinema, Digital HD | 17th September 2021 (UK) | Elysian Film Group | Dir.Sion Sono | Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutella, Nick Cassavetes, Tak Sakaguchi, Bill Moseley

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